Web: The information accessed via the internet.

Log: The official recording of events during a voyage by sea or air.

Blog: A shortening and combining of the term web log, referring to a webpage or site where someone writes regularly and informally about personal opinions, activities, and experiences.

My disclaimer –

Under this tab so boldly marked Blog, you’ll find little stories I’m writing from my life and imagination. Stories that may contain personal opinions, activities, and experiences, but—I don’t want to mislead you—this page simply doesn’t fit the log of my voyage by web description.

So, I’ve got an idea for a more accurate name.


Let me know if you like it.

The Yes and the No of Love

The Yes and the No of Love

Monday morning. Blue sky, pine trees, and thinning patchy snow set the scene. I’m the lone grandma amongst young mamas, invited here as I was by the loveliest most capable daughter-in-law anyone could pray for. There are only three of us left in the sunny parking lot,...

A Car, a Cake, and a Table

A Car, a Cake, and a Table

I blame my mom. My parents don’t argue. Never have. Not really. They have discussions, but my dad actually can’t argue with my mom. No one can. How can you argue with a person who sees the best in everyone? I remember many a backseat car ride, the winding mountain...

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