Stories From 70 Weeks of Prayer – A Week of Trusting

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The Good Thing About Repetition

Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5-6


From: 70weeksuvprayr – Kristyn

Subject: A Week of Trusting – Week 33

Date: July 7, 2002 

Dear friends,

As I write these words to you, it is 10:30 on Thursday night.

I have responsibilities in the morning, working at camp (have I mentioned I got a summer position doing housekeeping for Camp Kairos?).

But it is already Thursday night and I want to meet with you, my dear friends, before another busy day passes. I thought I would be brief–just share some unconnected, random thoughts and happenings of the past week.

Then I started to gather these random thoughts and, lo and behold, they aren’t so unconnected after all. A single thread runs through each one. Can you guess what that thread might be? Read carefully and I think you will see it.


Sunday – The pastor spoke on Colossians 4:2

Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving.

He focused on the need to be steadfast and patient in prayer and I suddenly realized something about my faith. I realized there are times, far too many times, when I have an attitude of patient tolerance toward God. I know that sounds awful–it is awful–but it’s true. I act as if it is a great act of courage to put my trust in Him. There is a sense of self-sacrifice. Like I am saying, “Okay, Lord, this isn’t the life I dreamed of. Some painful things have happened–things I would never have planned. I’m sure you’re doing the best You can, so, even though I can think of some really wonderful solutions, I’m not going to take control here. I’m just gonna trust You (aren’t You lucky?).

Not exactly a picture of steadfast, watchful, thankful prayer!


Monday – I attended a funeral for my friend’s father

To my prejudiced eye, it seemed the mortuary was mainly filled with two types of people–the hard-drinking, fun-loving, country club, golf-playing set and the hard-drinking, fun-loving, hardworking, blue collar set.

The service was led by two Episcopal priests. I thought they would be gentle with this crowd. I thought they would go easy on the “what happens if you die without Jesus” stuff. But I was wrong. The first message brought tears to my eyes as the priest spoke about the One who brings light out of darkness and life out of death. I thought about my husband and the dark path he walks–a path that, it seems, leads to death.

And who was this bold Episcopalian who spoke so shamelessly of the transforming power of Jesus? One of Paul’s old high-school drinking buddies.


Tuesday – My morning devotions

Here are excerpts from that morning’s reading from two of the books on my bedstand:

Oswald Chambers’ My Utmost for His Highest – July 9

Do you have even the slightest reliance on anything or anyone other than God? Is there a remnant of reliance left on any natural quality within you, or on any particular set of circumstances? Are you relying on yourself in any manner whatsoever…? Will you examine yourself by asking these probing questions? …Is your relationship with God sufficient for you to expect Him to exhibit His wonderful life in You?

“The people said to Joshua, ‘No, but we will serve the Lord! “‘ (Joshua 24:21).

This is not an impulsive action, but a deliberate commitment. We tend to say, “But God could never have called me to this. I’m too unworthy. It can’t mean me.” It does mean you, and the more weak and feeble you are, the better. The person who is still relying and trusting in anything within himself is the last person to even come close to saying, “I will serve the Lord.”

We say, “Oh, if only I really could believe!” The question is, “Will I believe?”

No wonder Jesus Christ placed such emphasis on the sin of unbelief. “He did not do many mighty works there because of their unbelief” (Matt. 13:58). If we really believed that God meant what He said, just imagine what we would be like! Do I really dare to let God be to me all that He says He will be?

God CallingJuly 9

Joy in Me. Joy is infectious. Trust and pray. It is not sin for one who knows Me only as God, as Creator, to doubt Me, to question My Love and purposes.

But for one who knows Me as you do, as Friend and Saviour, and who knows the world’s God as Father–for that one to doubt My purpose and saving Power and tender Love is wrong indeed.


Wednesday – Walking my dog at sunset

I was thinking about the “last days.” Thinking about all the lost souls meeting their doom. Perhaps, some of those souls will be those dearly loved by me. How tragic. How sad.

Then, I realized. I’m looking at this world and at mankind as some kind of failed experiment (for how can it not be failure if even one beloved person is lost?). Can this be true? Can God fail? Can Love fail? Am I, heart aching at the thought of losing my loved ones, capable of more love and compassion than He who created love and is Love? Surely not!


Thursday – Busy avoiding responsibilities

I should have been getting ready for the yard sale I scheduled for Saturday, but I didn’t. After work I put in some time shaping my book proposal and then went to see the Young Continentals.

I need to do well with this yard sale. I need to get rid of all this extra “stuff” cluttering my house and garage. And I need to come up with the money for the mortgage before the late fee kicks in on the 16th. If I don’t take care of this who will?


Did you see it?

You know, the common thread running through? Well, it seems to me that God is trying to teach me a little something about trust. It seems I should learn not to rely on myself or on my circumstances or ideas. It seems I should learn to really start…trusting in Him… Hmmm… I think I’ve heard that somewhere before : )

Good night, dear ones, it’s 11:30 and I’ve got to go. As always, I thank you for your prayers. Have a blessed week.

Trusting in Him,




In late fall of 2001, Rachel Wilson, a ballroom dance teacher living in the small mountain community of Pine Lake, California, discovered her husband, Ben, in an extra-marital affair. Her initial response was much as might be expected—tears, anger, despair, thoughts of revenge and more. Then, through a series of unlikely events she was led to an unexpected response – a 70-week journey of prayer with friends.

She wrote an email asking if anyone would commit to praying for her family for 70 weeks, not supposing many would agree to such a long endeavor. To her surprise, more than forty said yes.  

Kristyn is a new friend who joined Rachel’s prayer journey after her husband Paul, who had been struggling with alcoholism for years, walked out on her and their four children. As their friendship and faith grew, Rachel asked the group to pray for Kristyn’s family as well as her own and invited Kristyn to add her own stories to the weekly email updates.



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