Why Do You Want My Email Address? – Five Secrets of Email Lists Revealed!

Until recently, I was always a bit dubious about paying for so-called free online content with the surrendering of my email address to strangers. Was that tasty raspberry scone recipe really worth the risks of handing over the keys to my private little email cottage? And what exactly were the risks?

Maybe you think those are silly questions. Or maybe you want to know too and just didn’t know who to ask. If so, read on. I’m here for you.

1. Why do you want my email address?

      For one thing, it’s an easy way for me to deliver the free item you want. (There are other ways to do this, but they are more complicated and I’m only just starting to understand email subscription lists and websites, so don’t hold your breath). But the other reason is this (and please don’t take this in a creepy way) I want to build a relationship with you. I want to serve you well with a free gift that interests you and go from there. If I have your email address and your permission to continue the conversation, we can get to know each other and figure out if your needs and desires and the things I have to offer are a good match.

2. Do I have to sign up for the newsletter if I just want the free gift?

      No. In fact, the law requires me to not only ask you to confirm your subscription, but to include an easy and clear way for you to unsubscribe whenever I send anything to your inbox. The choice to continue or not is always up to you.

3. Is it dishonest or will it hurt your feelings if I unsubscribe as soon as I get my gift?

        Oh, that’s so sweet of you to ask! You are under no obligation to stick with me, but, honestly, it probably will hurt my feelings a little bit if you don’t want to hang around a bit. Nobody likes rejection, right? But your unsubscribing will also help me with one of my main objectives – to identify the people I’m meant to serve. For example, if all you want is to find a neuroplasticity expert (which, I hope I’ve made clear, is not me), my free resources guide will, I hope, point you in the right direction. If that’s the case, and there’s nothing more you want from me, you should unsubscribe as soon as you receive it. If you want to reduce my pain, you can also respond to my email with a little note. Something like,

Thank you so much for this wonderful resource! It’s just what I needed and now I’m moving on. If you ever become a neuroplasticity expert, I’ll be back. Wishing you wild success in all you do. With love from your very satisfied short-term, non-paying customer.

      I will truly appreciate knowing why our relationship won’t continue and that you were happy with it for as long as it lasted (or even why you weren’t, if that’s the case).

4. Will a real person be sending these email messages or are they coming from an automatically generated ad campaign?

      Speaking for myself and my business of one, the messages you get from me are absolutely coming from a real person. You can send a reply just like you do with the email you get from your Aunt Eunice. (And I will probably be just excited to hear from you as she is!) I read every reply and will write you back. In fact, most of those email newsletters you subscribe to are painstakingly crafted and sent by real people. Even when it comes to large companies with a staff on hand to create ad campaigns, real people will read and respond to any replies you send. (“Do not reply” messages are in a different category. No one is monitoring them, and replies aren’t received. In that case, you can usually connect with a real person through the contact page of their website.)

5. What if I get too busy to read your email messages, does it help you if I continue as a subscriber?

      Such a thoughtful question! The sad truth is, a busy person doesn’t need the stress of a growing pile of unopened email. Do yourself a favor and cut down on that by unsubscribing to mine and any others you no longer have time or interest enough to open.  I will be sad to see you go and will hope to win you back someday, but I’m trying to build an email list of people I am actively serving (even if that service is simply providing an enjoyable email read a couple times a month). Writers need active and growing email lists to help convince publishers their work has a ready audience and will be worth investing in. I don’t want to just collect names, but to serve actual people who are interested in what I do. Again, if you do unsubscribe, I would love a farewell note letting me know why (See example in question #3). Seriously, that is so helpful. And I do hope you will still visit my website from time to time and resubscribe when things settle down in your busy life.

I hope, armed with this information, you will now navigate the world of free gifts and email subscriptions with confidence and ease. If you have any questions I haven’t answered here, just hand over your email address on my contact form with Email List Secrets in the subject line and ask away. Who knows? To borrow from Casa Blanca’s Rick Blaine, this just might possibly be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. I’m at your service.

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